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Who could use the product?

(1) Individuals- School or college teachers, private tutors.

(2) Educational Institutions– Schools, colleges, universities, and coaching centres.

(3) Business organizations– Small, medium and large companies, Government and semi-Government bodies etc.


How is Sharkhire different from other online test portals?

We offer an online examination and excellent instant analysis. Moreover we are simple, easy to use and provide continues support.


Can we enter data in a language other than English?

Indeed you can enter data in any language.


Are all the questions I enter secured?

Definitely, all the questions you enter are totally secured as can be accessed only by you.


Are the candidates restricted to take the test in our office?

This entirely depends upon your wish. The platform provides the opportunity for the candidates to take the test anywhere across the globe. If you wish to restrict them, they can take the test in your office.


What is the Sharkhire mission?

At Sharkhire we invest our passion and energy in building software that helps people advance in career. We help employers to choose the right talents by identifying their skills and knowledge.


What is Sharkhire?

Sharkhire is a professional, easy-to-use online testing system, that allows you to create your own tests, in minutes. 
Whether you're testing 5 or 5000 users, Sharkhire will save you those long, painful hours of creating, distributing and grading tests.
You'll never need to re-enter questions or tests, and results are calculated instantly and accurately. 

Step 1: Create your tests
Step 2: Assign your tests 
Step 3: Analyze results


And because Sharkhire is online, there is no software installation for you or your users, so tests can be taken instantly, 24/7.
Be confident knowing the tests you create, will have the professional look you require.

Register Free today, and enjoy the future of online testing with Sharkhire.

How do I give access to my tests?

Assign (distribute) your test(s) is by Links.
Create a direct link for each of your tests to send out via email. 


Can I save test results and review at any time?

Yes, Sharkhire will save test results for you to review and export.

You can also view test results in real time. Answers are saved as each user proceeds to the next page. You can view "in progress" results on your Dashboard page.


Why am I not receiving emails from Sharkhire?

Please check your spam/junk folder, and then check with your email/IT administrator check if they have blocked emails from the domain In most cases adding to a 'trusted' list can resolve the problem.


What cheat prevention does Sharkhire offer?

To prevent cheating you can easily:

Randomize test question ordering

Randomize answer ordering



Account types

Where can I upgrade my account?

Please log into your account and select the Upgrade link. From here you can choose from our account options.

How do I change my account (administrator) password?

Go to:

1. My account

2. Edit password as required.

3. Save edits.


What kind of guarantee does Sharkhire provide?

We know you'll love Sharkhire because of all those hours you'll save creating and grading tests.

Which upgrade / account option is right for me?

Are you going to be a regular user of Sharkhire from month-to-month, or will you carry out occasional or bulk testing?

Our plans offer up to 100 tests per month. 

Do not forget: You can allways purchase additional credits to your plan. 

Please view our Pricing page for details on the plans we have available.

Don't forget: Sharkhire does not charge per user, question or test created. You can store as many users, questions and tests as you like within Sharkhire. You will only ever use your credits when a test is send. Each time a test is send one credit is used.

Contact us for special offer.


How do credits work?

A credit is used each time a test is send. If you have one test and send it to five users you will use five credits. If you have four tests and  send each of them to eight users you will use 32 credits.


Where can I download a receipt for payment?

Receipts are available for download once you have finalized your transaction. Please go to the My Account section - Purchases. Here you can download your invoices. 


Can my subscription fees be refunded?

Fees once paid are not refundable.



How does Sharkhire back-up and secure my data?

Sharkhire  does an incremental back-up of all data every 30 minutes. Our website is hosted in a 24/7, high security data centre to ensure the highest level of security for your data. All passwords are fully encrypted when stored in our system. Sharkhire does not process Credit card numbers, these are performed by secure third party payment gateways.


Is my content safe?

Your content is your wealth and we do not share or monetize it in any form. Even if you do not continue your paid subscription we’ll keep your data with you only. (We do not remove any previous data or make it public)


Does Sharkhire store my credit card details?

Sharkhire does not store or process any credit card information. All transactions are processed via the highly secure website.


Is my data in Sharkhire kept private?

Yes, at Sharkhire we take your data and privacy seriously. All data you add to Sharkhire is private to your account only. You can also remove your data from Sharkhire at any time.


System Requirements

Do I need to install any software to use the system?

No. Sharkhire requires no software installations. 

Tests can be both Created and Taken using standard:
* Computer web browsers
* Smart phones
* Tablets


Does Sharkhire work on an iPhone and/or iPad?

Yes. Sharkhire works across all major operating systems, web browsers and devices to ensure our service can be accessed however and wherever you like.

Any device that has an internet connection can access Sharkhire online-testing system.


What are the minimum technology requirements to use Sharkhire?

No downloads, installations or investment in technology infrastructure is required, and it's so easy to use, anyone can get up and running straight away.

Sharkhire is an online system, so you need internet access and we recommend using a modern web browser:

• Internet Explorer Latest version (Windows);
• Mozilla Firefox Latest version (Windows);
• Chrome Latest version (Windows);
• Safari Latest version (OS X);

Additionally you will need JavaScript and cookies enabled which comes standard with web browsers.

Sharkhire’s online-testing system is available to anyone with an internet connection. Our web-based exam service is easy-to-use, secure and reliable.

Any device that has an internet connection can access Sharkhire's online-testing system.